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10 Jobs you can get with a Grade 10 Certificate in South Africa

10 Jobs you can get with a Grade 10 Certificate in South Africa

The academic journey is different for everyone. Some can go up to tertiary while some prefer cutting it short due to different reasons. Regardless of where one ends their academic journey, there are different job opportunities waiting for them. The job industry is open to everyone regardless of academic qualifications. There is a job for every academic stage.

Below are some jobs one can get with just a grade 10 certificate in South Africa.

1) Admin Clerk/ Admin Assistant

Anyone who has at least a grade 10 diploma can work in an office setting as an administrative assistant. An admin clerk’s duties include returning calls and emails. The clerk’s tasks also include data entry. The clerk’s other responsibilities include planning company events, keeping track of duties for accounts payable, purchasing orders, and other day-to-day operations. One could work at this full-time.

2) Office Runner

People at many large corporations are frequently overworked and stressed out by their workloads. Runners assist office workers with a variety of tasks. A professional office runner specializes in printing and organizing other essentials like delivery reports. This position is typically a full-time one.

3) Restaurant Waitress

The tourism and hotel industry is always hiring and looking for new workers. A waitress’ duty is to mainly serve customers who come to dine at a restaurant. All that is required for this job is training which is usually for four weeks or less. This job can be both a part-time and full-time job.

4) Till Operator

Both large and small supermarkets frequently have a need for till operators. A till operator’s job is to assist shoppers with checking out their purchases. Since there aren’t any self-checkout establishments in Africa yet, there is a great demand for till operators to personally check out clients and take their money. This can be done as a full-time or part-time employment, despite the fact that it may occupy a lot of the person’s time.

5) Security Officer

A security officer is one paying job that does not really require one to have a Matric or tertiary education certificate. A security officer’s duty is to keep guard of an assigned place, to ensure there is order and everything goes according to stipulated guidelines.

This kind of job position does not necessarily require Matric or tertiary education but in most cases, Security Officers go for training depending on the security company’s policy and the training can take up to 6 months some even less.

6) Handyman

A fixer or handyperson is another name for a handyman. These people have excellent manual dexterity. Since they are employed based on necessity, this may be a part-time position. A handyman can be a plumber, a gardener, or perform any other manual labor-intensive task.

7) Conservation Field Assistant

A conservation field assistant contributes to the conservation centers’ upkeep and maintenance. They assist with things like upkeep of fences, construction of boma roads, prevention of soil erosion, eradication of invasive plants, water systems, and wildlife capture.

A valid driver’s license and a certificate from grade 10 are required for entry-level positions. Additionally, the applicant should be able to read and write.

8) Social media Marketer

The world is rapidly becoming digital, and new occupations are being created daily. A social media marketer can work without a Grade 10 diploma. All you need to gain followers on social media is to register accounts there and post engaging material. On social media sites, one can advertise businesses or brands.

9) Photographer

Everyday, the world becomes more digital, and one profession where anyone may make a respectable career is photography. A few instructions on how to take great images will do the trick. You can find these tutorials on streaming websites like YouTube. Photographers are employed for a variety of occasions, and occasionally they might sell their images to art galleries or exhibit them for a fee.

10) Driver

With just a grade 10 certificate and a valid driver’s license one can earn a decent living with that. You can be a driver either for a company or earn money as an individual. You can use a driver’s license to drive people around with the new cyber taxis system such as Uber and Bolt that have taken South Africa by storm.

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