These are the best-selling smartphone brands in the world

These are the best-selling smartphone

Samsung remains the best-selling smartphone brand in the world, even if its year-on-year sales have taken a massive hit.

International Data Corporation, or IDC, estimates that 301.9 million smartphones were shipped globally in Q3 2022, a 9.7% decrease from the same period last year.

The Q3 loss, which is the greatest third-quarter decline in the smartphone sector, is the fifth straight quarter of decline.

The main factor contributing to the reduction in demand is the bleak economic outlook brought on by rising prices and inflation, which have reduced disposable incomes in emerging countries.

OEMs cut shipments and orders in an effort to get rid of surplus inventory that was entering the quarter.

All vendors globally suffered a negative impact, but Chinese vendors were particularly heavily hurt.

The struggles of the smartphone industry can be seen when examing ICD’s data:

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(MS=Market Share; SM=Million Unit Shipments.)

With a 21.2% market share in Q3 2022, Samsung led the industry. Since Q3 2021, the market share has increased by 0.4%. The company’s market share did, however, decline by 7.8%.

Apple boosted its number of shipments and market share from the same time last year, placing second in terms of the number of smartphones sold. (These are the best)

Vivo and Oppo tied for fourth place in terms of market share %, while Xiaomi came in third. With nearly 20%, Vivo and Oppo experienced the worst year-on-year change.

The top 5 best-selling vendor positions did not change from the previous year despite the difficult economic environment.

ICD predicted that emerging markets in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East would experience double-digit percentage declines and experience the biggest declines regionally.

Given the size of the country, the Chinese market, which was predicted to have a 12% growth, has a significant impact on the global smartphone market.

It was anticipated that developed nations like Japan, Western Europe, and North America would have low- to mid-single-digit reductions. (These are the best)

Central and Eastern Europe were the exceptions at the same time since they were not anticipated to record a fall over Q3.

Q4 and 2023 expectations

In order to stabilize market share, suppliers must “work on a sensible production forecast with the supply chain while working closely with the channel,” according to Canalys Analyst Sanyam Chaurasia. Phone demand is not expected to improve in Q4 2022.

However, as consumers who had put off purchases entered the holiday season, where substantial discounts and bundle campaigns were anticipated, Q4 may see an uptick in overall sales.

Chaurasia acknowledged that the holiday shopping season will probably be sluggish and steady but added that it was still too early to tell whether it would mark a turning point in the economy.

On the other hand, according to Nabila Popal, research director with IDC’s Worldwide Tracker team, the market will still experience a deeper decrease for the rest of 2022 before beginning a moderate recovery in 2023. (These are the best)

The IDC has also recently revised its outlook for 2023 to take into account the macroeconomic environment and expects a recovery of 2.8% for the year. However, growing costs for vendors mean that the IDC reduced its smartphone forecast by over 70 million units.

These are the best-selling smartphone brands in the world

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