8 new changes coming to WhatsApp

8 new changes coming to WhatsApp

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8 new changes coming to WhatsApp

WhatsApp is constantly evolving with regular iOS, Android, and Desktop updates.

New features that have been rolled out to the public or are currently being tested include the addition of Avatars, upgrades in calls, and view-once text messages.

The Meta-owned company will use beta testers to test its updates before making them available to the general public.

A sizable network of testers for WABetaInfo evaluates the program in beta form and informs users of what to anticipate from upcoming releases. Additionally, WABetaInfo frequently disseminates information on official updates to the well-liked messenger.

Eight features that are currently being developed or released are listed below.

1. Introduction of Avatars

For individuals who have downloaded the most recent versions of WhatsApp for iOS and Android, the option to create avatars has begun to roll out.

In order to allow users to select their Avatar as their profile photo, WhatsApp will produce a sticker from the Avatar, according to WABetaInfo.

2. Improved calls

WhatsApp pushed out substantial call upgrades for Android and iOS on December 14.

The updates will enable 32 users to join private group calls, message or mute other callers, give invite links to other users so they may join the conversation, use speech waveforms to hear who is speaking, and display in-app banners when a new user joins the call. A Picture in Picture functionality is also available to iOS 15 and later users.

3. Profile icons in group chats

Following a recent iOS update on 22.24.81, according to WABetaInfo, group conversations now display the profile icons of group members. The conversation bubble will be accompanied by the profile icon.

Although this functionality may have been present in the last iOS upgrade, it wasn’t generally released until Monday, December 12, earlier this week.

4. New emojis

21 new emojis are being developed by WhatsApp for Android users. New animals, meals, colors for hearts, and instruments are among the new emojis, which make use of Unicode 15.

The sad emoji is one of eight popular emojis that have recently undergone redesigns, according to WABetaInfo. When a formal update will incorporate the new emojis is still unknown.

5. Once-off text messages

WABetaInfo stated that WhatsApp is currently working on view once text messages while looking at the beta for Android

A view once text message will disappear from the chat after the recipient has read it. As is the case with the view once video and image messages, it is impossible to copy or forward the message. WABetaInfo notes that screenshots will likely be blocked when the feature is released, but it can not confirm that yet.

6. Banner for once-off messages

A feature that informed senders that receivers could not duplicate, forward, or save a view-once movie or image was discovered by WABetaInfo testers.

This was discovered during tests of Google Play Beta Program version, therefore the feature is still being developed.

7. Message yourself on Windows

Users can now communicate one another on WhatsApp for Windows, according to testers in the WABetaInfo forum using the 2.2248.2.0 version.

Although the personal chat feature has already been made available on Android and iOS, a PC was not previously supported. Users will now be able to send an end-to-end encrypted message to all of their connected devices using their PC thanks to the new capability.

8. React to messages in an announcement group

The ability to respond to announcement messages is still being developed, according to WABetaInfo.

Although it is not yet possible, replying to announcement messages will probably be added in a later Android beta update.

8 new changes coming to WhatsApp

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