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MASTER MIND SCHOLARSHIP TO STUDY IN BELGIUM 2023-2024: Africans are Eligible to Apply

Master Mind Scholarship to study in Belgium: Call for the academic year 2023-2024. Africans may apply.

DEADLINE: 28 April 2023 23h59 GMT+1



Master Mind Scholarship to study in Belgium

Outstanding students from all around the world are given scholarships by the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training to attend master’s programs in Flanders and Brussels. A Master Mind Scholarship comes with an annual award of €9 600 and waives tuition (60 ECTS). Only an administrative enrolling fee is charged to recipients of the Master Mind Scholarship. A sizable portion of their living expenditures, including rent, insurance, and other fees, are covered by the grant, which is disbursed in installments. You must first submit an application to a Flemish host institution that takes part in the Master Mind Scholarship Program if you are interested.

Scholarship Details

  • For master’s programs of 60 ECTS or 120 ECTS, the mobility period lasts one academic year and two academic years, respectively.
  • A maximum scholarship of €9 600 may be given to each entering student per academic year, as per the information in the section on how to pay for scholarships.
  • The final payment of €1 600 will not be given if a student completes a one-year Master’s program but does not graduate with a Master’s degree by the end of the academic year in 2024 (July or September).

To be eligible for the scholarship for the second academic year and to receive the final payment of €1 600 for a two-year Master’s program, at least 54 ECTS must be earned in the first academic year in 2024 (July or September). The section titled “Payment of the Scholarship” has more details.
Only VLUHR, in consultation with the hosting institution and the Department of Education and Training, may make exceptions to this norm.

  • A student who gets a study grant from the Flemish government may be required to pay a tuition fee that is equal to the lowest rate of the annual tuition fee at the host school. The fee is €128,80 for the academic year 2023–2024. It’s possible that this rate will gradually rise over time.
  • If a student loses their scholarship, they will be required to pay the full tuition cost if they want to continue their program.
  • A number of scholarships are only available to citizens of certain nations, including three each from Japan, Mexico, Palestine, and the United States (5). The Flemish government considers these nations to be its top priority. In the event that a scholarship is not accepted, the top-ranked applicant by the Flemish selection committee will receive it.
  • Students should not combine this scholarship with another scholarship from the Flemish government or an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship.
  • Upon completion of the mobility, all students are expected to submit an essay and fill in a short questionnaire about their mobility.
  • A maximum of 20 applications can be submitted per Flemish higher education institution.


Find out how to apply for the Master Mind Scholarship.

  • STEP 1 Determine your eligibility to apply and whether the Flemish institution of your choice is a Master Mind Scholarship participant.
  • STEP 2 Submit your application to the host institution
  • STEP 3: The applicant pool is narrowed down by the host institution.
  • STEP 4 The host institution creates your application file in the Mobility-Online application program to begin the Master Mind Scholarship application process.
  • STEP 5: The Mobility-Online tool sends you an email informing you that you have been preselected for a Master Mind Scholarship.
  • STEP 6 You register in the Mobility-Online tool and complete your application file in the Mobility-Online tool before the deadline. Documents to be uploaded:
  • passport picture
  • International ID or national passport
  • An academic resume (including your American GPA out of 4.0 and if applicable your publications, academic awards, previous scholarships, etc.)
  • How to determine your American GPA is in the annex.
  • Transcript of records; a certified translation must be enclosed if the original document is not in Dutch, French, German, or English.
  • Results of the English language proficiency test or a letter of exemption from the host university
  • Amotivational letter that is written in English
  • Two English-language letters of recommendation, both signed, from instructors at your (former) home university, an institution of applied sciences (including the arts), or a recent job.
  • A certified translation must be included if the diploma is written in a language other than Dutch, French, German, or English. A copy of the earned diploma(s).
  • STEP 7 Before the deadline of April 28, 2023, 23:59 GMT+1, the host institution verifies and submits the completed application file in the Mobility-Online service. Applications that have been verified but have been submitted after April 28, 2023, 23:59 GMT+1, will not be accepted.

Click here to visit the Master Mind Scholarship website



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