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How To Get a Job in the South African Military: Military Skills Development System (MSDS)

How to get a job in the South African Military


How To Get a Job in the South African Military: Military Skills Development System (MSDS)

Perhaps one of your goals as a young man is to join the military and serve your country. The Military Skills Development System, which is used by the South African military’s ground force army, navy, air force, and military health, recently issued a call for applications (MSDS). As a young South African citizen, you have a fantastic opportunity to serve in the military for two years.

You will undergo military training and additional functional training during your first year of service under the Military Skills Development System (MSDS). Depending on the length of the functional orientation, you will be deployed where necessary during your second year of service, giving you the chance to put your knowledge and abilities to use. Learn more about “How To Succeed in Getting a Job in the South African Military” below. How to get a job

Here is how you can get recruited:

1. Make sure you are between the ages of 18 and 26. Verify that you are between the ages of 18 and 26 as a first step. Candidates 18 to 22 years old may apply with only a Grade 12 diploma, whereas applicants 23 to 26 years old must have three years of postsecondary education. How to get a job

2. You must possess a Grade 12 certificate as a minimum requirement: Grade 12 is the required minimum for you to be hired. It could be difficult for you to advance if you don’t have a grade 12 diploma. I don’t want to discourage you if you only have a grade 10 or 11, but your chances are better if you have a grade 12 diploma, which is the minimum required.

3. Have no outstanding warrants or criminal records: Joining the South African military is both rewarding and delicate. Make sure you don’t have a criminal history or open cases because of the sensitive nature of this position. How to get a job

4. Respect medical fitness requirements: You will have military training and additional functional training throughout your first year of service, so make sure you are generally in good health. I don’t recommend applying if you have major underlying medical concerns.

5. Fitness: Being in excellent physical condition has several benefits. The minimum height requirements are 148 cm for women and 155 cm for men. Males must weigh at least 52 kg and females 48 kg.

6Make sure you have no visible tattoos (Legs, Lower Arm, Neck, and Face): If you have visible tattoos around your body then it may be nearly impossible for you to get recruited into the South African military. If you have tattoos possibly get them removed otherwise the military normally considers those who have no visible tattoos. How to get a job


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