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Purchasing Officer Job Opportunity at KYOSK APP

Kyosk Digital Services Limited

Position: Purchasing Officer

Accountable to : Purchasing Manager


Effectively manage the supply chain/buying of goods from the suppliers and timely delivery to the warehouses at the best prices, in the right quantities and in time to maximize Kyosk’s offering to the market.


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Professionally cultivate and nurture relationships with suppliers.

Roles And Responsibilities

Payment management: In accordance with goods flow, prepare LPOs from all warehouses for purchasing manager approval. Send LPOs to the appropriate suppliers, confirm deliveries, and follow up to ensure that delivery lead times are kept to a minimum.

Purchasing: Verify that all purchasing goals are achieved by checking in with the warehouses to see if they have been completed. To guarantee that rebate payments are made, follow up with the accounts. Make the best trading conditions, margins, and discounts your demands.

Stock Management: Keep an eye on the warehouse stock levels and offer suggestions as necessary. Start prior stocking up for high seasons, such as the start of school, Christmas, and the end of the year. Update the catalog’s or inventory’s pricing as necessary; add new items.

Managing suppliers: the files and documentation relating to supplier agreements. handling official meetings with vendors; communicating expirations, damages, and obsolete goods to suppliers for remedies. For the best deals, compare and double-check market prices. Examine chances for cost savings for your company by employing negotiation and purchasing best practices.

Data management: Examine reports and data; Keep thorough records of all the purchases you make for your company. create pertinent meeting minutes and buying reports; At the conclusion of each month, reconcile your purchases with finance. Gather information on supplier performance to allow for review.

Market analysis: Constantly keep an eye on industry and market developments, rival strategies, and market suppliers to guarantee alignment;

• Effortlessly collaborate with other pertinent departments to achieve the company’s objective.

• Any additional responsibilities within the purchasing division that the Purchasing Manager may delegate.

Skills And Competencies

• Analytical & Logical Thinker;
• Attention to detail;
• Drive for Execution;
• Commercial Acumen;
• Self-motivated
• Honesty and integrity.
• Tech Savvy

Minimum Requirements

• A relevant degree in supply chain management or business;

• Professional supply chain experience is advantageous;

• Experienced in purchasing with at least three years, preferably in the retail industry;

• Solid expertise in cost breakdown, business understanding, and negotiating;

• Capable of increasing value, cutting expenses, and influencing company improvements;

• An advantage is having a solid grasp of the retail industry;

• Be able to adhere to challenging and stringent deadlines;

About The Company

Purchasing Officer Job: The leading supplier of agricultural products in East and Southern Africa is Export Trading Group. In more than 25 nations in Africa, the company purchases crops at the farm gate “upcountry,” gathers and processes them in a network of private facilities, and ships them abroad. The Company imports rice and fertilizer, breaks them down into smaller quantities, processes them, and then distributes them to smallholders using this infrastructure in reverse. (Purchasing Officer Job )

Starting in Kenya, ETG Digital Platforms (Kyosk) is constructing the retail of daily necessities and access to financial services in Africa. (Purchasing Officer Job )

By conveying demand from retail outlets to FMCGs and their distributors and controlling the delivery of the items to the kiosks, Kyosk Digital Services Limited is a tech-driven platform that links informal retailers who retail in kiosks and other similar retail outlets directly to FMCGs. (Purchasing Officer Job )

Our online ordering and delivery system, Kyosk, makes sure that these retail establishments can acquire inventory at reasonable costs and have it delivered right to their doors. It is costly for FMCGs to supply kiosk-type retail shops due to the traditional distribution chain’s inadequacy, which frequently results in product stock-outs and missed sales opportunities. We address this significant issue for FMCGs by giving them strong data visibility. (Purchasing Officer Job )

Kyosk Digital is the firm for you if you want to become a business leader in the constantly developing field of digital technology and join a fast expanding team of driven people with a single-minded determination to succeed. (Purchasing Officer Job )

Purchasing Officer Job Opportunity at KYOSK APP

All the best

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