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Apply for Secretary posts at the South African Police Service


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SALARY : R181 599 per annum (Level 05)


The Secretary Police Service of South Africa is responsible for providing administrative and operational support to the South African Police Service (SAPS). The role of the Secretary Police Service is to ensure that the SAPS functions efficiently and effectively, and that it is able to meet the needs of the community it serves. This includes managing the SAPS budget, overseeing the recruitment and training of new police officers, and ensuring that the SAPS has the necessary resources and equipment to carry out its duties. The Secretary Police Service also plays a key role in developing and implementing crime prevention strategies, and in building relationships with local communities and other stakeholders. Overall, the Secretary Police Service is a vital part of the SAPS, and plays a crucial role in ensuring that the SAPS is able to carry out its mission of protecting and serving the people of South Africa.


  • No. for Executive Support: NC07/01/2023
  • Management Administration Reference Number: NC08/01/2023
  • Strategic Management: NC09/01/2023 Planning Reference No.


giving the Section Head secretarial support services. Plan, prepare, type, and take minutes for meetings. All incoming calls to the section head’s office should be answered and screened. communicate with other Sections and parts regarding issues involving the Section Head’s office. maintain accurate records,

system for filling and moving forward. Manage papers that are private. Making travel and lodging arrangements, processing and submitting claims. Manage the calendar and welcome and host guests at the office. Utilize common equipment (fax, photocopy machine, telephone, Computer etc.). serving refreshments during meetings and to visitors. oversee the stock of the office. (Secretary)

Lt Col JL Shandu, Capt SJ Matlopela, W/O TB Tshabalala, and SPO KK Mashiloane can be reached at (012) 397-7256 or (7240) with any questions.

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You can hand-deliver applications to the following address: 152 Johannes Ramakhoase Street, Telkom Towers North, Pretoria. Applications must be placed in the application box located near the reception area. Applications sent by mail should be directed to The Section Head: Corporate Support, South African Police Service, Private Bag X 94, Pretoria, 0001 (Attention: Lt Col JL Shandu/Capt SJ Matlopela).


Only the official application form, which is accessible at SAPS Stations and online at, will be accepted. The previously used Z83 won’t be accepted anymore. The application form’s instructions must be followed to the letter. The application could be rejected if this isn’t done. On the application form, the post details and reference number must be accurately given. The application form must be completed with a thorough Curriculum Vitae. Candidates who have been shortlisted must present original paperwork. All provided credentials and driver’s licenses will be verified with the appropriate organizations. (Secretary)

The South African Police Service will investigate references and confirm applicants’ addresses at home. The Public Service Act, 1994 (ACT NO 103 OF 1994), as it applies to the post environment, will be followed in making appointments. Applications must be mailed in or delivered on time. Late applications won’t be taken into consideration or accepted. If a candidate is selected for further consideration, a personal interview and a practical evaluation will be required of them. (Secretary)

Candidates who have been narrowed down for appointment to specific positions shall undergo background checks in accordance with the Criminal Law (Sexual Offenses and Related Matters) Amendment Act of 2007 (Act No. 32 of 2007) and the Children’s Act of 2005. (Act No 38 of 2005). A applicant will be rejected from the procedure if their information is found in either Part B of the Child Protection Register or the National Register for Sex Offenders. The Criminal Law (Forensic Procedures) Amendment Act, Act 37 of 2013, mandates that beginning on January 31, 2015, every new hire in the South African Police Service provide a buccal (inside cheek) swab to help identify

forensic DNA analysis of them. The National Forensic DNA Database’s Elimination Index will be updated with the forensic DNA profile that was produced from the sample. All candidates who have been shortlisted will have their fingerprints taken and their references checked. Excluded from eligibility are people who left the public service early, with a severance payout, or due to illness. (Secretary)

Only the selected candidates will be in communication. Please consider that your application was unsuccessful if you have not heard from us within three months after the advertisement’s closing date. The South African Police Service is not required to fill a position once it has been advertised. By filling these positions, the South African Police Service, an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer, hopes to advance representativeness in the public sector. Therefore, preference will be given to those whose transfer or appointment will increase representivity. (Secretary)


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