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Ratiba NBC Tanzania Premier League 2022|2023

Ratiba NBC Tanzania Premier League-Ratiba NBC Premier League Tanzania -Ratiba Ya NBC Premier League 2022/2023-Ratiba ya ligi kuu Tanzania bara 2022/2023-Ratiba NBC Premier League 2022/2023


Premier League of Football in Tanzania The 2022–2023 Premier League season, which will include 16 teams, is scheduled to start in August 2022. The Fixture will be available upon the Official Release.

Tanzania, an East African country, is well renowned for having extensive wilderness areas. The “big five” species (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, and rhino) can be seen roaming the plains of Kilimanjaro National Park, the setting for Africa’s tallest peak, and Serengeti National Park, a popular destination for safaris. Offshore are the tropical islands of Mafia, which boasts coral reefs and a marine park containing whale sharks, and Zanzibar, which has Arabic characteristics and is influenced by Africa. Ratiba NBC Tanzania Premier League)

NBC Bank Tanzania

NBC Bank Tanzania is a commercial bank in Tanzania that offers a range of banking and financial services to individuals, businesses, and organizations. It was established in 1995 and is headquartered in Dar es Salaam, the largest city in Tanzania. The bank has a network of branches and ATMs throughout the country, and it offers a variety of products and services including deposits, loans, credit cards, foreign exchange, online banking, and more. NBC Bank Tanzania is regulated by the Bank of Tanzania, the central bank of the country. Is there anything else you would like to know about NBC Bank Tanzania? (Ratiba NBC Tanzania Premier League)

Ratiba ya ligi kuu Tanzania NBC 2022/2023

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ROUND 2 NBC Premier League 2022-2023

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Round 3 NBC Premier League Fixture 2022/2023

Geita Gold vs Kagera Sugar (Uwanja wa Nyankumbu Geita )

Yanga vs Azam ( Uwanja wa Mkapa,Dar Es Salaam )

September 7,2022

Mtibwa Sugar vs Ihefu (Uwanja wa Manungu , Morogoro )

Simba Sc vs KMC (Uwanja wa Mkapa, Dar )

September 9,2022

Tanzania Prisons vs Mbeya City (Uwanja wa Sokoine , Mbeya )

September 10,2022

Coastal Union vs Polisi Tanzania (Uwanja wa Mkwakwani , Tanga )

September 11,2022

Singida Big Stars vs Dodoma JIJI (Uwanja wa Liti , Singida )

Namungo vs Ruvu Shooting ( Uwanja wa Majaliwa , Lindi )

Round 4 NBC Premier League Fixture 2022/2023

September 13,2022

Mbeya City vs Azam Fc (Uwanja wa Sokoine , Mbeya)

Yanga vs Mtibwa Sugar (Uwanja wa mkapa Dar)

September 14,2022

Geita Gold vs Singida Big Stars (Uwanja wa Nyankumbu ,Geita)

Tanzania Prisons vs Simba Sc (Uwanja Sokoine ,Mbeya  )

September 16,2022

Ruvu Shooting vs Polisi Tanzania (Uwanja Mabatini Morogoro )

September 17,2022

  1. KMC vs IHEFU (Uwanja wa Uhuru , Dar Es Salaam )
  2. Namungo   vs Coastal Union (Uwanja wa Majaliwa ,Lindi )

Round 5 NBC Premier League Fixture 2022/2023

September 26,2022

Ruvu Shooting vs Coastal Union (Uwanja wa Mabatini ,Pwani )

September 27,2022

Polisi Tanzania vs Namungo (Uwanja wa Ushirika , Moshi Kilimajaro )

KMC vs Mtibwa Sugar ( Uwanja wa Uhuru , Dar Es Salaam )

September 28,2022

Kagera Sugar vs Singida Big Stars ( CCM kirumba , Mwanza )

Mbeya City vs Simba Sc (Sokoine , Mbeya )

September 29,2022

Ihefu vs Yanga (Sokoine ,Mbeya )

Dodoma Jiji vs Geita Gold Fc (Jamhuri , Dodoma )

September 30,2022

Tanzania Prisons vs Azam (Sokoine , Mbeya )

Round 6 NBC Premier League 2022/2023 Fixtures

October 1,2022

Namungo Vs KMC (Uwanja wa Majaliwa , Lindi )

October 2,2022

Mtibwa Sugar vs Mbeya City (Manungu , Morogoro )

Simba Sports Club vs Dodoma Jiji (Uwanja wa Mkapa Dar )

October 3,2022

Coastal Union vs Kagera Sugar ( Mkwakwani , Tanga )

Ruvu Shooting vs Yanga Sc (Uwanja wa Mkapa Dar )

Azam Fc vs Singida Big Stars (Uwanja wa Azam Complex, Dar Es Salaam )

October 4,2022

Polisi Tanzania vs Geita Gold (Ushirika , Moshi )

Ihefu vs Tanzania Prisons ( Highland Estate )

Round 7 NBC Premier League 2022/2023 Fixtures

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October 7,2022

KMC vs Ruvu Shooting (Uwanja wa Uhuru ,Dar es Salaam )

October 8,2022

Mbeya City vs Ihefu (Uwanja wa Sokoine )

Kagera Sugar vs Polisi Tanzania (CCM Kirumba , Mwanza )

October 9,2022

Mtibwa Sugar vs Tanzania Prisons (Manungu Complex )

October 12,2022

Singida Big Stars vs Simba Sc (Uwanja wa Liti , Singida )

Azam Fc vs Dodoma Jiji (Azam Complex, Dar Es Salaam )

October 13,2022

Coastal Union vs Geita Gold Fc (Mkwakwani , Tanga )

Namungo Fc vs Young Africans (Uwanja wa Majaliwa , Lindi )

Round 8 NBC Premier League 2022/2023 Fixtures

October 14,2022

Mbeya City vs Polisi Tanzania (Sokoine, Mbeya)

October 15,2022

Kagera Sugar vs Ruvu Shooting ( Kaitaba , Kagera )

October 16,2022

Ihefu vs Dodoma Jiji (Highland Estate,Mbarali  )

October 17,2022

Tanzania Prisons vs Coastal Union (Sokoine , Mbeya )

October 18,2022

Mtibwa Sugar vs Singida Big Stars ( Manungu Complex )

October 22,2022

Geita Gold Fc vs Namungo Fc  (Uwanja wa Nyankumbu )

KMC vs Azam Fc (Uwanja wa Uhuru Dar )

October 23,2022

Yanga sc vs Simba  sc (Uwanja wa Mkapa Stadium )

Round 9 NBC Premier League 2022/2023 Fixtures

October 24,2022

Mbeya City vs Coastal Union (Uwanja wa Sokoine )

Singida Big Stars vs Ihefu (Liti , Singida )

October 25,2022

Tanzania Prisons vs Polisi Tanzania (Uwanja wa Sokoine , Mbeya )

Namungo vs Kagera Sugar (Uwanja waMajaliwa , Lindi )

Dodoma Jiji vs Mtibwa Sugar (Uwanja wa Jamhuri , Dodoma )

October 26,2022

Ruvu Shooting vs Geita Gold Fc (Mabatini Complex )

Yanga vs KMC (Uwanja wa Mkapa )

October 27,2022

Azam Fc vs Simba Sc (Azam Complex , Dar )

Round 10 NBC Premier League 2022/2023 Fixtures

October 29,2022

Tanzania Prisons vs Namungo (Uwanja wa Sokoine )

Geita Gold Fc vs Yanga (CCM Kirumba , Mwanza )

October 30,2022

Singida Big Stars vs Coastal Union (Liti Stadium)

Simba Sc vs Mtibwa Sugar (Uwanja wa Benjamin Mkapa )

October 31,2022

Ruvu Shooting vs Mbeya City (Mabatini Complex Mwanza)

Azam Fc vs Ihefu (Azam Complex Dar )

November 1, 2022

Polisi Tanzania vs Dodoma Jiji (Ushirika , Moshi )

Kagera Sugar vs KMC (Kaitaba ,Bukoba )

Round 11 NBC Premier League 2022/2023 Fixtures

November 4, 2022

Mbeya City vs Namungo (Sokoine , Mbeya )

November 5, 2022

Coastal Union vs Dodoma Jiji (Mkwakwani , Tanga )

November 6, 2022

Polisi Tanzania vs Singida Big Stars (Ushirika , Kilimanjaro )

November 7, 2022

Ruvu Shooting vs Tanzania Prisons (Mabatini , Pwani )

November 11, 2022

Geita Gold Fc vs KMC (Nyankumbu , Geita )

November 12, 2022

Mtibwa Sugar vs Azam Fc (Manungu , Morogoro )

Simba Sc vs Ihefu (Benjamin Mkapa )

November 13, 2022

Kagera Sugar vs Yanga (Kaitaba Bukoba )

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Round 12 NBC Premier League 2022/2023 Fixtures

November 15,2022

KMC vs Dodoma Jiji (Uwanja wa Uhuru Dar )

Azam vs Ruvu Shooting (Azam Complex )

November 16,2022

Mtibwa vs Coastal Union (Manungu Complex )

Tanzania Prisons vs Geita Gold Fc (Sokoine , Mbeya )

Simba Sc vs Namungo (Benjamin Mkapa )

November 17,2022

Ihefu vs Polisi Tanzania (Highlands Estate )

Mbeya City vs Kagera Sugar Uwanja wa (Sokoine )

Yanga vs Singida Big Stars (Benjamin Mkapa )

Round 13 NBC Premier League 2022/2023 Fixtures

November 19,2022

Mbeya City vs Geita Gold (Uwanja wa Sokoine )

Ruvu Shooting vs Simba Sc (Benjamin Mkapa )

November 20,2022

Ihefu vs Coastal Union (Highlands Estate )

Namungo vs Azam Fc (Uwanja wa Majaliwa )

November 21,2022

Tanzania Prisons vs Kagera Sugar (Uwanja Sokoine )

Mtibwa Sugar vs Polisi Tanzania (Uwanja wa Manungu )

November 22,2022

Singida United vs KMC (Liti Stadium )

Dodoma Jiji vs Yanga (Uwanja wa Jamhuri Dodoma )

Round 14 NBC Premier League 2022/2023 Fixtures

November 25,2022

Geita vs Ihefu

November 26,2022

Ruvu Shooting vs Singida United (Uwanja wa Mabatini Pwani)

Yanga Sc vs Mbeya City (Benjamin Mkapa )

Dodoma Jiji vs Namungo (Uwanja wa Jamhuri Dodoma )

November 27,2022

Polisi Tanzania vs Simba (Uwanja wa Sheikh Amri Abeid ,Arusha )

Azam vs Coastal Union (Azam Complex )

November 28,2022

KMC vs Tanzania Prisons (Uwanja wa Uhuru )

Kagera Sugar vs Mtibwa Sugar (Kaitaba ,Bukoba )

Round 15 NBC Premier League 2022/2023 Fixtures

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December 1, 2022

KMC vs Mbeya City (Uhuru Stadium, Dar Es Salaam)

December 2, 2022

Singida Big Stars vs Namungo (Uwanja wa Liti )

Kagera Sugar vs Ihefu (Uwanja wa Kaitaba )

December 3, 2022

Coastal Union vs Simba (Uwanja wa Mkwakwani Tanga)

Dodoma Jiji vs Ruvu Shooting (Uwanja wa Jamhuri Dodoma)

December 4, 2022

Geita gOLD vs Mtibwa Sugar (Uwanja wa NYANKUMBU )

Yanga vs Prisons  (Uwanja wa Benjamin Mkapa )

December 5, 2022

Polisi Tanzania vs Azam Fc (Uwanja wa Ushirika Moshi )

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Ratiba NBC Tanzania Premier League 2022|2023


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