World Cup final preview: How Argentina and France made it this far, and why their matchup is more than Messi vs. Mbappe

World Cup final preview:-The Qatar 2022 World Cup has already passed. It had to be inserted in the middle of the European club season. The competition started 26 days ago, but a lot has happened since then, including the elimination of 32 teams to leave only France and Argentina in the final on Sunday at 10 a.m. ET.

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The defending champions, France, were anticipated to be present. However, given that Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia in their opening match, their comeback to make it to a second World Cup final in eight years is more of a shock. But can you ever be shocked to be in the running for a big championship when Lionel Messi is on your team?World Cup final preview

Now that the World Cup final is only 10 hours away, what can we anticipate from a match between two of football’s top teams? In order to find out more information about this exciting battle between Les Bleus and the Albiceleste,ajira media.com consulted Gabriele Marcotti, Mark Ogden, Julien Laurens, and James Olley.World Cup final preview

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Lionel Messi vs. Kylian Mbappe: Can the GOAT hold off his heir apparent?

Perhaps the best individual matchup in a World Cup final has ever occurred here. Two superstars of the highest caliber who are also PSG teammates, adding to the tension. Messi, the greatest player of all time, will face Kylian Mbappe, the heir apparent to his throne.World Cup final preview

It would be the ideal fairytale conclusion for Messi after a World Cup journey thus far that has been full of heartbreaks, from early exits to a final loss in 2014 against Germany.

It would be yet another milestone achieved by Mbappe. He would win back-to-back World Cups at the age of 23, surpassing Brazilian great Pele as the second-youngest player to do it.

Of course, there can only be one victor. Their extraordinary talent, leadership, and ability to have an impact on a final on the grandest platform possible will be showcased on Sunday. In addition to the World Cup itself, the top goal scorer award, the best player of the tournament award, and the future Ballon d’Or are all at risk here (they are both on five goals at the moment.)World Cup final preview

There is so much to anticipate in the clash between these two geniuses, not the least of which is the fact that France won 4-3 the previous time they met in the 2018 round of 16! — Lauren

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Did we get a magnificent final after a World Cup that had its ups and downs?

Because it pits two of Paris Saint-top Germain’s players against one another in a heavyweight contest, the final is advantageous for the Qataris. Furthermore, the football itself has been incredibly enjoyable for a competition that has been overshadowed by off-field scandals during much of the action. This World Cup gets the final it deserves in that particular situation alone.World Cup final preview

Either winner will add a new chapter to their extensive football histories, with Argentina ending a 36-year World Cup drought with Messi immortalized on the biggest stage of them all or France becoming just the third back-to-back champions in history. Even though this competition has been loaded with unexpected victories, like as Saudi Arabia’s victory over Argentina and Morocco’s incredible journey to the semifinals, everyone is most interested in watching two of the biggest names in world soccer face off in the final. It is also likely what Qatar had in mind twelve years ago when they won the bid to host this competition. — Olley

Who is the X factor for each team?

FRANCE: Antoine Griezmann

Although Mbappe is more popular and Olivier Giroud is more attractive, Griezmann has perhaps been France’s most crucial player in Qatar and could be pivotal in the championship game. He is a natural forward who has remade himself as a midfielder for this tournament. He will have a huge dual duty in supporting France’s midfield and providing the creative spark for striker Giroud. His mobility will be a problem for Argentina’s midfield, which frequently plays narrow.World Cup final preview

ARGENTINA: Enzo Fernandez

Argentina lacks creativity outside of Messi and Angel Di Maria (who might not even start), which will be a problem if Didier Deschamps plays the counter, as he is known to do. Although the young Benfica player is more of an all-arounder than a creator, he possesses the dynamism and spark necessary to produce overloads and make runs down the inside left channel. He has the temperament to cause trouble, something Argentina would need in a tight France setup. — Marcotti

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How Argentina made it to the final

After losing 2-1 to Saudi Arabia in their opening match and struggling against Mexico in Game 2, the Copa America champions needed some time to find their footing until Messi’s 64th-minute goal. However, Lionel Scaloni’s team’s life was forever altered by that goal. As a team, they gained confidence after that, and Messi started to elevate his play.World Cup final preview

Argentina’s class of 2022 is reminiscent of the 1986 World Cup champions and 1990 final losers in many aspects.

Diego Maradona led his team to triumph in 1986 by producing match-winning genius in each of the knockout rounds. Four years later, despite losing their first game, Argentina persevered to reach the championship game by showcasing both physical and mental toughness in nail-biting elimination matches and penalty shootouts.

However, much as Maradona had Claudio Caniggia’s speed and goal threat to finish off his buildup play in 1990, Messi has Julian Alvarez, the Manchester City forward who has four goals at Qatar 2022. Messi’s magic has been Maradona-like in victories over Australia, the Netherlands, and Croatia.

Messi and company absolutely need Sunday to be a repetition of 1986 because Maradona and Argentina found the final to be a step too far in 1990. — Ogden

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How France made it to the final

It all began with a shock when France gave up to Australia in the first 10 minutes of their World Cup opener. Nobody anticipated Les Bleus making it to the final after falling behind at the moment due to their injuries (Paul Pogba, N’Golo Kante, Karim Benzema, Christopher Nkunku, Presnel Kimpembe, and Lucas Hernandez), problems with the competition’s preparation, and other factors. But they dramatically changed the situation.World Cup final preview

Following a solid performance against Denmark to advance to the round of 16, France rallied back to defeat Australia 4-1 thanks to a brace from Mbappe. Deschamps made nine substitutions in their 1-0 loss to Tunisia in the last group match, but they returned to form against Poland in the knockout stages with another Mbappe brace.

The quarterfinal match between France and England included a significant amount of outplaying, but France channeled their World Cup-winning flair from 2018 with the ideal balance of ruthlessness and efficiency to win 2-1 following Harry Kane’s missed penalty. In the semifinals, Les Bleus defeated a depleted Morocco 2-0 and now have the opportunity to achieve an unprecedented double. — Lauren

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What has piqued our interest ahead of this decisive

Can France repeat?

France has a chance to win the World Cup two years in a row, duplicating a record only two other countries have accomplished: Italy in 1934 and 1938 and Brazil in 1958 and 1962. The four-year gap, player turnover (France will likely have returning starters from the 2018 side), and the knockout system, which encourages upsets and unexpected outcomes, are just a few of the factors that make repeating in the World Cup so uncommon. Being 90 minutes away from winning another World Cup is a credit to France’s talent and to Deschamps’ management of that talent. The MarcottiFrance has a chance to win the World Cup two years in a row, duplicating a record only two other countries have accomplished: Italy in 1934 and 1938 and Brazil in 1958 and 1962. The four-year gap, player turnover (France will likely have returning starters from the 2018 side), and the knockout system, which encourages upsets and unexpected outcomes, are just a few of the factors that make repeating in the World Cup so uncommon. Being 90 minutes away from winning another World Cup is a credit to France’s talent and to Deschamps’ management of that talent. The Marcotti.World Cup final preview

What will Deschamps do next?

In order to defend their championship, the French Football Federation gave Deschamps a goal of making it to the semifinals. He has already surpassed that goal with an incredible run to the final. But the football hasn’t always been great, it must be noted. Against England in the quarterfinals, France had to occasionally rely on luck. Morocco took it to the next level in the semifinals, putting on a performance that allowed France to hold onto a slim 1-0 lead for the majority of the second half. But given that they performed in a similar manner to win the championship in Russia four years ago, this team’s calmness in crunch situations is apparent.

Deschamps could choose to remain or go depending on what happens on Sunday. The federation wants him to remain because his contract ends at the conclusion of the competition. On the one hand, if they succeed, he may retire as a double champion, becoming the first person to win the World Cup both as a player and a coach, cementing his legendary position for all time. But why end there, instead? With only 18 months until Euro 2024, France will once again be a favorite.World Cup final preview

He might feel motivated to compete again if they fall short, especially given that he has yet to claim a European Championship and lost the 2016 championship match. Or he might feel that Zinedine Zidane is ready to take over and that he has served his purpose. Nearly as interesting as the competition itself will be the immediate aftermath. — Olley

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The Argentina fans have been amazing

Argentina’s supporters have been a big aid to the team, but they have also made Doha a joyful, musical place with lots of white and light blue. In Qatar, you can’t go more than five yards without running into one of them; there are already 50,000 of them present, and more will arrive for the final.

One of the most interesting stories of this World Cup has been the Argentine fans. With their continual singing, bouncing, and enthusiasm, they have not only cheered, encouraged, and given strength to Messi and the squad; they have also behaved with class and passion throughout this competition, whether in the stadiums or the streets.

In an effort to witness Messi eventually winning the World Cup in his farewell appearance, many people went halfway across the world. Now that opportunity has arrived, the final will have a unique atmosphere that has never been experienced away from a home field. It will be stunning. It will be intense, particularly if Argentina prevails. If they don’t, it will be heartbreaking.World Cup final preview

But on Sunday, these supporters will unquestionably restore pride to their nation. One of their best songs is “Muchachos,” which recounts all of their prior failures as well as the stories of Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi and how winning the Copa America in 2021 at the Maracana altered everything in their quest to add a third World Cup star on the shirt.World Cup final preview

Marciniak’s hiring is a victory for wise officiating

The World Cup final will be overseen by Szymon Marciniak, and his selection is a victory for referees who play their roles with common sense and authority. The 41-year-old has previously presided over both World Cup finals; he officiated France’s opening match against Denmark and Argentina’s round-of-16 match against Australia. During those two matches, he only showed five yellow cards.

The choice of Marciniak suggests that the game will be played in a controlled environment with a strong referee given that the latter stages of Qatar 2022 were overshadowed by criticism of the performances of referees Antonio Mateu Lahoz (the Spaniard issued 18 yellow cards during Argentina’s quarterfinal against Netherlands) and Brazil’s Wilton Sampaio, following his unpredictable performance during France’s victory against England).

Marciniak disclosed earlier this year that he lost out on Euro 2020 because he was diagnosed with tachycardia, an abnormal pulse, after a bout with COVID-19. His biggest game to date was the 2018 UEFA Super Cup final against Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. However, he has been back in action at the highest level since the beginning of last season, and he has now been awarded the greatest honor a referee could receive. — Ogden


Argentina 2-0 France:

In reality, it’s such an evenly matched game that you expect whoever scores first to perhaps add another on the counter and win. Why am I going with Argentina? Because they have Messi. And, for now, he’s ahead of Mbappe— Marcotti

Argentina 1-2 France: Les Bleus are predicted to crash the

World Cup Messi fairytale celebration! They will give Argentina the most of the possession, remain compact to impede them, and then compel them to play wide. They’ll keep an eye on Alvarez’s runs and double up on Messi. Argentina won’t be able to stop Mbappe at that point since it will be his game. — Lauren

Argentina 1-3 France: However, France are a team of strength in every department, and Argentina, beyond Messi, just aren’t in the same league. Everyone outside of France (and perhaps Brazil) wants to see Messi end his career with the ultimate reward of the World Cup. So, regrettably, romanticism won’t triumph in this situation. — Ogden

Argentina 2-1 France: It’s debatable whether Morocco or England should have defeated France. Argentina will likely defeat France. — Olley

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